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Distance education

Are You working, sporting, bringing up children or abroad at the moment?

Do You want to get secondary education parallely Your activities?

If You have the affirmative answer, then Jelgava regional Correspondence school is just what You need!

Come and get secondary education through Distance learning – for free of charge !


What is Distance Education?

Distance Education is a comfortable way of learning to everybody. You do not have to attend school every day as it is usually, You do not have to spend time and means in order  to ensure Your learning process. All what You need is a computer with Internet connection.

You can learn individually in any time and place available for You.

You, Yourself, can determine Your learning intensity.

Each person has his/her own individual skills: one needs longer time to identify the question, another is used to learn independently, looking in details, and the other requires precise instructions of the teacher.

Jelgava regional Correspondence school – possibly the best Distance Education secondary school.  

Free of charge!


Learning Process

Becoming a student in our school, You will receive the access password in the school`s Distance Education system. At the beginning of the school year, by using passwords, You will find subjects corresponding Your grade in the system. When You open them, You will find:

  • The contact information of the teacher who will keep in touch with You during the study process,

who will help to find the answers to Your questions about study process, materials and tests, as well as additional literature that will help You to acquire the study material successfully.

  • Tutorial time for You to meet face to face and discuss uncertain and unknown questions individually if it is necessary.

Severeal times in a study semester the teacher in his/her subject will have been inserted different study materials - reading materials, training tasks, tests and other useful sources. Each of the inserted material will have comments about the time, the place and the way to hand in the work or the test You have done.

When the teacher gets Your completed work/test, he or she will correct and evaluate it. After that, the teacher will inform You about the received mark and mistakes found in Your work/test.

All process of learning is simple: get exercises/tasks; send solutions or completed tasks; ask questions to the teacher, receive the answers.


Where Can I Find Received Marks?

Jelgava regional Correspondence school uses Mykoob system`s electronic register. This register is very similar to E-Class System register widely used in schools.

To access Your marks, You will need a separate password which is designed to work in Mykoob System.

Do not forget to ask the administrator about that!!!


How to Pass the Final Tests

At the end of semester all Distance Education students must pass Final tests in each subject. The time when tests are passed is called session (examination period). The student comes to agreement with the school`s administration about his/her acceptable day and time to do the test, respecting the fact that all students from this school has session at the same time.


1st semester – after the New Year

2nd semester -  the end of May

You have to be present to do the final tests, that is why You have to attend the school only two times in the study year – at the end of each semester.


What Happens With Your Assessments in the Session?

When You have passed all the tests, the school`s administration evaluates the success in final tests of each student. The student is transferred to next class if the study material is acquired in an optimal level.

Do not be afraid, the school`s administration is very understanding.


If You Have a Problem?

Distance Education system is regularly monitored by the system administrator and a support teacher in work with Distance Education.

These people follow the work in Distance Education system to make the process comfortable. They are also ready to answer all Your questions that arise during the study process. We will also appreciate if You participate in the improvement of Distance Education and will share with us about Your suggestions, ideas and proposals.

Remember !

Your success will depend on Yourself in the study process. Without studying, knowledge and willingness, the success does not arise.



Working with Information System Moodle in the web browser Internet Explorer, technical problems are sometimes possible -  the information may not be reproduced fully.

We recommend to use one of the alternative browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.


We wish You successful studies in Jelgava regional Correspondence school!